We inspire women to spark deliberate change in their lives by using crystals as a catalyst for personal growth and inner transformation. 

We believe crystals can serve as powerful anchors to the present moment, unique tools for contemplative practice, and inspiring touchpoints for your intentions and greatest ambitions. 

Our hand-selected and awe-inspiring crystals are of exquisite quality.  We're committed to helping you tap the potential you carry deep within and see the good in all things, especially yourself.  


“Your book quiets the noise in the world.”

"I’ve been meditating with the crystals before bed every single evening and now I notice a huge difference in my sleep habits when I use them versus when I don’t. The smoky quartz in particular relaxes my entire body and I can feel the stress leaving me."

"I’m in the process of letting go of a lot of toxic energy from others, and I feel more peaceful. It’s like I was kicked into a higher gear. It was a spiritual WHOOSH!”

“I put my focus crystal next to my computer when I mean business and it gives me that extra push I need to stay clear and focused just a bit longer.”