The Crystology Co. Rainbow Fluorite

Change Your Life As You Know It

Life happens to all of us.  Our stories evolve in beautiful, mysterious, and sometimes challenging ways.  It is how we choose to navigate through difficult times that can define us and has the potential to set us on a path back to our authentic selves.  It is from a time of intense personal challenge and change that The Crystology Co. was founded.

I offer you a glimpse into my story:

My health and well-being often took a backseat to the eternal hustle and never-ending go-go-go of managing life as a mom of two.  I often felt exhausted and out of balance, even on my best days.  Frustrated by traditional mindfulness practices while addressing symptoms of burnout, I was determined to prioritize rest and self-care, and realign all aspects of my life.

For me, crystals served as subtle scaffolding and metaphoric blueprints for the radical change I sought to experience within.  My work with crystals helped me develop greater personal and spiritual awareness, detach from the endless doing, and connect with my inner wisdom.  My journey led to studying professional crystal healing in 2018-2019, and since this time, I’ve shared the transformative power of crystals with others.

I invite you to connect with crystals with light-hearted curiosity similar to how you might experience a walk in nature or lose yourself in art or music – slow down, clear your mind, and allow the experience to unfold.  When you consciously engage with the energy of crystals, you may experience a sense of ease and notice subtle changes within.  

As founder of The Crystology Co., I’d like to share the core beliefs that have guided and inspired me to create this business.  

  • Your greatest gifts, your core strengths, your most authentic and powerful self—it all exists within you.  Believe in your authentic self. 
  • Your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and beliefs drive the look and feel of your life.  What you focus on is what you create.  
  • You will gain the freedom to choose your way in life when you release limiting beliefs and trust your inner judgment.  Change is complex and it's the only way to grow. 
  • Many of the obstacles you face are self-imposed.  When you embrace fresh perspectives and set clear, deliberate promises to yourself, you’ll be amazed at what may unfold.
We all carry precious gifts inside and we’re here to help you discover yours. 


Deb Zuckerman 
Founder, The Crystology Co. 
Author, Soul Atlas:  A Visual Meditation with Crystals